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Luxy was established in 1976 as a small producer of chairs in outsourcing, in one of the most important productive areas of Europe, Italy's northeast. Luxy developed into a highly specialised company in the production of ergonomic and design chairs and sofas. Collaboration with designers like Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Mario Ruiz, Favaretto & Partners, Itamar Harari and Stefano Getzel, along with the company’s innate vocation for research, experimentation and innovation, accompanied by vast technological know-how and experience, led the company to patent products that were characterised by design and ergonomics that are the symbol of “Made in Italy” products, which are exported to over forty countries, through a network of professionals who are attentive to our customers’ needs. With the entry into equity package of HAT Holding SpA (Hat Holding All Together www.hat.it) that has invested with all the company management, Luxy has had a breakthrough for a further incentive in the development of the company on markets always paying particular attention to the environment and to the regulations for security and compliance. The company is well rooted in the world market, but is in continuous movement to satisfy the demands of its clientele... this is Luxy. 1st June Luxy has celebrated its first forty years from the date of its foundation.

We are manufacturers

Thanks to our structure with high quality standards and qualified personnel, we can guarantee the entire production cycle within our company. Our products are manufactured by coordinating internal departments who passionately follow all production processes, from the careful selection of raw materials to tailored production of upholsteries, from the manual assembly to the final packaging. We perpetuate the principles of craftsmanship typical of a manufacturing company contextualizing it in an industrial reality in continuous evolution.

Mission / Etica

The ambition and passion of a well-oiled team inspire every day at Luxy to research and create innovative and original solutions, which take shape in the innumerable models of chairs and sofas that make up the collection. To this, the most important principles of ergonomics are added, along with respect for the environment, through the use of ecologically compatible materials with low environmental impact and the observance of the most stringent norms for the safety of users. Luxy’s mission is to create highly technological, modern and safe products, in line with their customers’ requirements. We at Luxy work with a great deal of passion, but we do not want to change the world, because we know that this is what the people who use our products do.

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Organization, Management and Control model

To ensure fairness and transparency on its activities and to limit as much as possible the risk of exposing the assets of the company to administrative sanctions deriving from the application of the law on administrative responsibility of companies, Luxy proceeded to preparation of an Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to legislative Decree 231/2001. The model is a useful tool for all those who operate in the name and on behalf of the company so that the performance of their activities, follow correct behaviors, such as to prevent the risk of commission of offenses falling within the scope of the above mentioned law.

Our certifications

The quality of Luxy products and the company processing procedures is guaranteed by several different certifications, which are periodically verified and renewed. First and foremost are the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality and the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 Certification for the Environment. Conformity with the “Safe Work” protocol was a point of arrival for us and for all of our personnel, while the Ergocert certification is the latest goal for our products.

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