The company quality and environmental policy is a veritable strategic factor that determines rationalisation, value added, competitiveness and dependability for Luxy, not simply a question of commercial attraction. Luxy implemented a Quality Management and Environmental System long ago, certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:204 Norms – the starting point to improve quality standards, products and the business carried out by the company. With a view to constant development, Luxy continued to orient their company policy and commercial strategies towards full customer satisfaction, aiming to be dependable and competitive on the market.


A chair or sofa must not only satisfy the customer’s aesthetic taste, but also be comfortable for him in every movement, without hindering him or creating discomfort. Thus, in the realisation of their products, Luxy has invested a great deal in ergonomics, a science that studies the interaction between the characteristics of the human body and applied technologies, so as to respect, first of all, operator safety, usability and comfort, eliminating the insurgence of problems for health and optimising mental, physical and therefore work performance. Consequently, in order to guarantee all of their products according to the most important principles of ergonomics, Luxy has subjected their production to the Ergocert Certification, the first European organisation accredited by Sincert for ergonomic certification.


The official guarantee supplied by Luxy is valid for five years (with respect to the 2 year obligation) and the date of production of the product acquired is shown on the stamp placed on every chair, which shows the year, week and testing code. Every product is assembled by hand and subjected to testing to verify its conformity. It includes any manufacturing or materials defects that are not imputable to: Inappropriate or improper use of the product, overloading of its components due to shocks and tearing. The Luxy guarantee does not cover components that are normally subject to general wear and tear, such as wheels, gas height adjustment components and mechanisms in general. Our network of professionals and our sales department, supported by a well-trained technical division, will be able to help you if you have any doubts or questions about our products or about the validity of the Luxy guarantee.


Climatic changes, the threat to our health caused by pollution, the manner in which we use natural resources and the excessive production of waste weigh heavily on our habitat. The EU is dealing with these problems with specific norms and is providing incentives for new and cleaner technologies and processing methods. These are policies that Luxy has favourably embraced, in consideration of the fact that they may also be advantageous for product innovation and competitiveness – factors that in turn provide impulse for economic growth and hence social well being. The most important principles of Luxy’s environmental policy are the reduction of harmful emissions, discharges and the production of waste in the environment and, at the same time, the use of ecologically sustainable materials to the greatest extent possible, with the absence of cancerogenous and mutagenic substances. All of this is managed throughout the chain of production, in a constant and controlled manner. Luxy has been certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 norm for many years.


In addition to having embraced the cause of ecological sustainability and respect for the environment, Luxy also promotes the prevention of risks for the safety and health of its workers, adhering to the UNI INAIL Work Safety Regulations, involving workers through a team of safety representatives, who constantly monitor work procedures, contributing to the growth and development of the company. Not only are the most important principles of ergonomics and technology applied in the production of the company’s chairs, focusing attention on the satisfaction of aesthetic and qualitative aspects for the customer, but also the most important principles relative to safety and protection, which are necessary in order to create a serene and productive working environment. Additionally, Luxy rigorously respects regulations on child labour, hiring only persons who are over the required age to enter the labour market, with no distinctions or discrimination, in conformity with the provisions of the National Labour Contract. In addition to paying special attention to our own employees, we at Luxy also contribute in our own small way to helping our neighbours, assisting on occasion of natural calamities and contributing to beneficial associations. Additionally, the company is perfectly integrated in its social context.



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