news / 2019-01-17

Mario Ruíz presents Ponte in Madrid

Mario Ruíz presenta Ponte a Madrid image


With the opening of the new Sutega showroom in Madrid, a series of events were organised, first of all the presentation of the “Ponte” modular system, designed by architect Mario Ruíz for Luxy SpA. 
Designers, sales people, technicians and architects, attended the presentation of the product directly from the words of its creator. Ruíz, with his simple but effective way of doing things, explained the creation of the Ponte project by involving the audience and exciting it with a video about his work. 
Javier Oñate, CEO of Sutega-Madrid and Libero Gregoletto, CEO of Luxy SpA contributed to the presentation of the product, through their specific skills, guiding guests through the knowledge of the various models present.

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