Ravago Group

Concept creation for the new offices of Ravago Group Greece. The areas expand across four levels, Light chairs has been used for the three meeting roomsThe goal of the architects was to create modern and thematic model office areas that suit the company’s profile.Open plan design, in the biggest part of the areas, withemphasis on aesthetics, functionality, optical and acoustic comfort.
The three country managers’ offices are distinguished by their unique aesthetics, as well as by the extraordinary meeting room of the third floor. The themes that distinctlycharacterize each level have been created in order to define the different users. The areas are com-posed of meeting rooms that provide the appropriate lighting, sound absorption, hidden whiteboards and storage spaces. The rooms are additionally defined by the crystal surfaces, embroidered with sound-absorption materials, that delimitthem. They become a focal point in each level due to their different theme.The entrance, the reception and the hallway are defined by three fundamental elements; synthetic, linear and multi-coloured floor, lighted roof, consisting of paper, which unifies the space due its positioning. Another element that completes these areas is the membrane that has been placed on the training rooms’ crystal surfaces, which creates a colour interplay as one crosses the hallway.

Location Athens, Greece

Architect Ilektra Pouraki

Partners Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture

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