Design for your comfort. 

Over forty years of history


For over forty years we have been making technological, comfortable, modern, and safe products, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, thanks to the experience of a territory that boasts a centennial manufacturing tradition.

We at Luxy believe in people, that is why we rely on our accurately selected and trained staff to follow the entire production process of our creations, monitoring every step within our company. Our departments are coordinated to ensure constant quality control and compliance, starting with the selection of raw materials, which takes place assuring the safety of our workers and the protection of the environment.

A cohesive team


We at Luxy follow the most important principles on workers safety and protection, therefore we have adhered to the UNI INAIL regulation for safety at the workplace, and we have involved our team, through safety representatives, in the constant monitoring of the working procedures, to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. We believe in a fair world, and for this reason our employees are hired without any discrimination, strictly following the directives established by the National Contract and the regulation on child labour

We are a cohesive team that works to design innovative and original solutions to meet the needs of each of our customers, working with passion and ensuring quality, elegance, and wellbeing, made strong by our skills resulting from close contact and deep knowledge of the local tradition.