Tour Alto – Paris

Elegant office spaces and multifunctional rooms


Jean-Philippe Nuel (IF Architectes), together with Sra Architectes as executive architect, have created a tower 150 metres high and 38 floors, for a total area of ​​51 thousand square metres. A masterpiece of architecture, sustainability and technology that combines aesthetics and functionality, aimed at transforming the physiognomy of the Défense in Paris.
The project is part of an evolution and renewal plan for the neighbourhood. The flexible and elegant shapes of the Tour Alto stand out in the surrounding environment, revolutionising the geometry of the linear shapes that characterise the Défense.

Inside, elegant office spaces and multifunctional rooms are organised in a rational way to stimulate maximum creativity and promote social well-being. Not only a workplace, but also a place of conviviality, which elevates the neighbourhood by giving it a space where intellect and productivity can find their ideal environment.
Precisely in this context of creative and productive excellence, the Post chair finds its natural place. By combining elegance, simplicity, technology and creativity in a single product, Post is the chair that best expresses and fits into the Tour Alto philosophy. It is the customisable seat whose pleasant aesthetics and versatile functionality ensures maximum comfort and optimises working performances.

Post combines elegance, simplicity, technology and creativity in a single product