HDI Assicurazioni – Rome

An open space where ideas can truly come together


Active in the world of insurance policy for more than a century, HDI has an Italian heart and a global vision. Based on client solidarity and building strong connection, the company works tirelessly to constantly improve its services.

Established in the heart of Rome’s modern EUR district, HDI Assicurazioni’s offices are located in Palazzo Italia, a skyscraper designed by renowned Italian architect Luigi Mattioni. Equipping the 9000 square meters of innovative offices are two Luxy chairs: Epoca and Overtime.

Immersed in a dynamic and stimulating environment, Overtime Evo follows the body’s movements in any direction. The lightweight yet robust frame ensures employees’ comfort and wellbeing, in line with HDI’s people-centered philosophy.

Welcoming visitors is Epoca, a versatile chair with clean and simple lines in juxtaposition with the office’s urban context. With soft and intelligently designed lines, Epoca boasts a modern design that guarantees high function.

Equipping the 9000 square meters of innovative offices are Epoca and Overtime Evo