Quality and

Respect for the Environment

What quality is for us


We live in an extraordinary era, constantly evolving, steadily discovering new technologies that allow us to adopt an increasingly better lifestyle. A growth process that needs to be accompanied by attention to detail, so that the products are reliable and long lasting, and protect the environment, for a healthy life.

In an increasingly globalised world, we put people at the centre, starting from our team, whose individual differences represent for us an added value, to be enhanced and protected. We believe in clarity and transparency, the founding values of our company that characterise both our internal and external relations.

We have adopted a corporate policy that allows us to grow and conquer new frontiers respecting the environment, protecting people, and ensuring the highest quality of our products. Ingredients that have led us to be a reality well rooted in the territory in which we were born and protagonists in the international market.
A global dimension that we achieved thanks to the commitment, talent, and dedication of our team.

We pursue the highest working standards, and we are committed to see recognised our dedication to produce quality seats with minimal impact on the environment that hosts us and gives us the raw materials of which we exploit the best characteristics. We have adopted a Quality and Environment Management System, certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for quality, and the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard for the environment.

Respect for the environment

We believe in what we do and in the quality of our products, conceived, manufactured, and finished by people whose skills and experience make us feel in safe hands. This is why we have decided to create an exclusive Luxy official warranty, lasting 5 years, because the reliability of our products is one of the characteristics we are most proud of. Each product is unique and unrepeatable, and carries with it a stamp from which the Luxy warranty can be obtained, identifying the verification of conformity we carry out on each product. Each seat, before leaving our laboratories, undergoes a final check that allows us to detect any possible manufacturing or material defect, to always ensure the highest quality standard. The Luxy warranty does not cover damage resulting from a bad or improper use of the product, overloads on components or impacts and tears, nor components normally subject to wear, such as wheels, gas lift, and mechanisms in general. We have a commercial area always available and in constant contact with our well-prepared technical department, to promptly answer any doubts and leave no imperfections, because we follow our products even after the sale.

The territory from which we are born is of great importance to us, not only for the traditions and knowledge it has transmitted to us and of which we are heirs, but also for the presence of local producers, with a short, reliable supply chain, with whom we have direct contact. Working locally allows us to use a sustainable production process that guarantees the protection of the environment and the safety of people, both of those who work with us and those who choose our products.
We choose the finest materials, which we work according to tradition using the most modern technologies. We come from a region of tanning masters, and we keep the tradition alive by working leathers enhancing their beauty, always in harmony with the environment. The yarns of our fabrics also come from the territory, and we choose them following principles of sustainability, quality, and innovation, to produce seats that can exploit and celebrate the unique peculiarities of the material used.
We believe it is possible to grow and create fully respecting nature, and therefore we have adopted clean working methods and technologies to produce in harmony with the territory and contributing to the social well-being of the local community, making Lonigo our starting point for a socially and environmentally sustainable approach to work. It is a vision of work that takes the form of clean productivity, minimising harmful emissions into the atmosphere, discharges and waste, and the use of eco-sustainable materials, free of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances. All this is made possible thanks to our connection with the territory. We organised our production to manage the manufacturing process within our supply chain, in order to constantly monitor compliance with the highest principles of eco-sustainability and quality.

For each of our creations, we provide the list of materials used and an assessment of their impact on the environment, to allow our customers to choose consciously.
Our commitment to a world capable of continuing to evolve while protecting the environment and people never stops. We have acquired the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) certification for the AIRE JR, OVERTIME and POST seating families.