Bacteriostatic fabrics

Quality and safety for everyone’s health


A chair is much more than an object, it is the centre around which our working life evolves, it is a product that welcomes us and on which we spend most of our time sitting, where ideas come to life and from an abstract thought concrete projects are born. To offer us the best, a chair must not only provide support and elegance, but ensure physical well-being, a well-being that also goes through the fabrics used.
A product for daily use such as a seat must be able to offer us the guarantee of a healthy and hygienic environment, even in offices, in meeting rooms, and at home. We have taken care of this too, proposing bacteriostatic fabrics able to ensure maximum safety and control of bacterial growth, since at the centre of each Luxy product there are not only the quality and comfort of a seat, but also the safety of people. For this reason, in our wide range of coatings to choose from to personalise your Luxy, we have included a selection of fabrics that can inhibit bacterial growth and protect our health.

To sit safely, with no worries


We at Luxy choose with the care that distinguishes our manufacturing tradition quality upholstery able to combine practicality and softness, to offer maximum comfort and durability without sacrificing aesthetics. The 100% PROPITEX FR bacteriostatic yarn is completely produced in the province of Vicenza by Chioccarello, allowing us to have direct contact with the manufacturer and the guarantee of a product that comes from our own manufacturing tradition. A fully made in Italy yarn, guaranteed for 5 years and certified by Catas, an Italian body that has been testing the quality of raw materials in the furniture sector for over 50 years, today a European leader with one of the largest analysis laboratories for testing materials.

In addition to being bacteriostatic, the yarn is also hypoallergenic, recyclable and class 1 certified for flame retardant performance, ensuring the safety of people and the environment, in line with the Luxy production philosophy. A local product that, just like us at Luxy, follows the principles of environmental and social sustainability to ensure protection of territory and people.

We have chosen a safe and elegant yarn, in order to offer the maximum in terms of aesthetic performance and pleasantness to the touch, without renouncing the protection of the health of the people who choose our products, in line with our production and design choices. The result is a reliable, durable seat, well-finished in every single detail, on which to sit safely, with no worries. Guaranteed by local production processes that arise from the centenary manufacturing experience of the territory, for completely Italian creations, as per tradition.
Available in 12 colors, it is possible to choose bacteriostatic fabric to upholster all Luxy seats, with the exception of SmartLight.