Flame retardant fabrics

The safe yarn for people and the environment


Well rooted in the territory, we at Luxy collaborate with local companies to offer quality products, with low environmental impact and with the guarantee that only centuries of manufacturing tradition can ensure. The success of a company and its products begins with people, from who produces raw materials to who designs the project, from who assembles the product and to who uses it.

At Luxy we believe in people and we always want to offer the maximum in terms of safety. This is why we have chosen fabrics created with the COEX yarn, the result of a 100% natural fireproof technology born from the collaboration between two Italian companies, Torcitura Padana and Zanolo.Two companies that are also born from a long manufacturing tradition that combined with a solid know-how and technological research have created a unique product, completely natural, highly
performing. To date, COEX is the only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified flame retardant product, one of the most important international certifications for textile products derived from natural fibers from organic farming.
Just like Luxy, Torcitura Padana and Zanolo are two realities well rooted in the territory, which make yarns with the passion and experience of over 50 years of production, ensuring maximum quality and safety.

A technology entirely made in Italy


We at Luxy have chosen to protect the environment and the people by using advanced technology which, combined with the resources offered by nature, ensure controlled and clean production, as well as the absence of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, all enclosed in a biodegradable yarn. We have chosen a fabric that tells the story of Italian ingenuity and that works in synergy with nature, of taking advantage of its endless possibilities while respecting the environment, capable of offering highly performing performances and meeting the visual and tactile needs of a high-quality fabric.
It is possible to choose from a wide range of fire retardant covers, all classified as class 1 reaction to fire, thus guaranteeing a high resistance of the material to combustion, a slowdown in the speed of propagation of the flames, and a low heat development in the time unit. The choice of fireproof fabric adds further safety to our products, designed to allow even intensive use of the seat, in any environment.

The use of natural substances has made it possible to create a fabric free of retarding chemical additives or resins harmful to people and the environment, ensuring maximum safety while respecting nature. The COEX yarn uses natural elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and sulfur to strengthen cellulose and make it resistant to flames, eliminating any release of chemicals. A technology entirely made in Italy that together with our artisan production system, derived from the local tradition, makes each Luxy product an Italian reality, which brings with it the traditional and modern knowledge of our territory.