The art of fingertips

Master craftsmen’s art of fingertips


Luxy’s roots lie in a territory characterised by a solid industrial sector and a manufacturing tradition that has its origins in the most culturally and artistically flourishing period: the Renaissance. We come from a territory and a tradition of which we are today an integral part and heirs, whose centennial experience translates into the skill of our craftsmen. Each Luxy seat is assembled manually, creating unique products that embody the unmistakable mark of local manufacturing excellence.

Behind the simplicity of the lines of our seats, or behind a product that may seem as immediate as a seat, hides a great wealth of knowledge, experience, and ability, as well as research and manufacturing tradition that we apply to today’s needs, with the care of who is aware of the importance of their work. We are an expression of tradition declined according to the needs of contemporary living.

The excellence of the Italian tradition


The skills of our craftsmen make Luxy products unrepeatable, transporting anyone who uses them in the past, to the shops of the past where every detail, today as then, had its importance, for a perfectly balanced final result, with an authentic character. Each of our seats tells the story of a passion, conveys the emotions of centuries of tradition, narrates of a local production that over the years has become the pride of a nation, a symbol of Italian craftsmanship worldwide. Above all, it tells the story of a territory whose creativity has given birth to an internationally recognised brand, synonymous with quality and experience: made in Italy.

From the initial project to the design phase, from the cutting of the fabrics to the processing of the leather, from the finishing touches to the assembly of the mechanical elements, every single step is the result of local knowledge and manufacturing culture. A real “fingertip art”, where the touch of the master craftsman leaves an unmistakable mark, where each element finds its right place, and comfort is assured, giving life to a product entirely made in Italy, not only because it is produced in Italy with local materials, but above all because it is made according to the Vicenza tradition. For this reason each Luxy seat is both modern and traditional, because it is the result of experience, manufacturing skills with centuries of history, and technological research, to respond effectively to the needs and challenges of the present and protect people.

In an increasingly frenetic and standardised world, the craftsmanship of our craftsmen freezes time, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and convenience of products created by ingenuity and human skills. A creative ability that cannot be replaced and that today uses modern technologies to create products tailored to people and for people, expression of a tradition whose excellence today remains incomparable. In every seam, every assembly, every detail, Luxy products narrates the Vicenza tradition and the Italian ingenuity, of which each seat tells the story.