Work and Covid-19

New frontiers of work in the time of Covid-19


Modern times always face us with new challenges. It is up to us to respond effectively and overcome difficulties by exploiting the knowledge deriving from past experience.
The new challenge posed by Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the daily lives of all of us, and in particular on the reality of employees. If working from home has made improvements in the lifestyle of some, such as commuters, the impact of Covid-19 on working reality has revealed crucial problems in the well-being of employees.

The long hours spent sitting, often without stopping, has in fact led many workers to physically feel a particularly sedentary lifestyle, causing physical problems including severe back pain. A problem that should not be underestimated given the great impact that incorrect posture has on every aspect of daily life.

A study by the Luiss Business School has in fact highlighted how worker health is a priority issue, bringing to light a problem that must be addressed with a vision that takes into consideration the new needs of the world of work and that focuses on the protection of workers’ health, thus ensuring well-being during home working periods.

Allow people who work to concentrate on their ideas


Correct posture is essential to avoid straining the body and the mind. Physical well-being is followed by high work performances. Office chairs and the new line for home working have been created by Luxy with these needs in mind, accepting the challenge of the present and providing a targeted response, creating products that can offer maximum well-being while also decorating the environment, because appearances count too.
We have made our skills and experience in the production of seats available to daily needs, offering chairs with movable backs to follow body movements and lighten the pressure and physical effort of a sedentary lifestyle.

Each element has been designed to ensure maximum well-being to the body and consequently to the mind, to allow people who work to concentrate on their ideas and the realisation of their projects, with the peace of mind that only a healthy body can offer. In this difficult period, we at Luxy have reacted by proposing a line of chairs capable of responding to the needs of a new lifestyle increasingly that takes place in one single environment. We decided to do this by keeping an elegant and light line, to offer the beauty of a handmade design product that prioritise the well-being of the body.