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Giovanni Soriani

Truffle hunter and founder of Quadrilatero dei Tartufi

He who sows love reaps valuable results, like truffles

Passion is the engine that fuels the growth of every successful company. Only those who are fully committed to their products can even think of staying at the forefront. Like Giovanni, who has turned his greatest passion into a job.

“I got involved with truffles when I realized that the mere search for mushrooms, without feeling, emotion or sharing, wasn’t enough for me. An overwhelming passion took over. In an effort to pass it on to others, I opened an e-commerce.”

Giovanni Soriani is a trifulau, or a professional truffle hunter. His career began in 2007 after meeting with an 80-year-old expert, from whom he purchased his first Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. Despite the best intentions and several kilometers together, it wasn’t until 2015 when Giovanni found love.

“Driving around in my car, I spotted some newborn Lagotto puppies. Among them was Olivia, my dog. She taught me how to truly hunt truffles. Together, we’re still improving.”

A story of tradition and modernity set in places that are both relaxing and inaccessible. Just like Amarcord, the fruit of passion that speaks to the future.


Sharp contours, powerful images. Amarcord looks to the past to reinvent the future. The squared-off shape expresses an innate minimalism that responds to a need for simple and decisive minimalism. For refined and innovative spaces, Amarcord also allows you to charge USB devices. Tradition, meet technology.


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