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Jiho Lee


When good taste meets determination, style is born

Style isn’t everyone’s strong suit. It’s a question of identity, narration and communication, outside oneself. It’s an awareness of what makes us unique, what makes us stand out from the crowd. Everyone—and every company—should create a style and use it to their advantage. Just like Jiho Lee.

“I’m Korean, I’m 29 years old and I’m a professional model. Having style is crucial to my career, standing out for something. Beauty isn’t enough, it’s important to tell a unique story.”

Jiho Lee wasn’t always a model. For six years he was a soldier. Which taught him values like determination, respect, and ambition; values he immortalizes in every shot, in which he also conveys his innate charm and ease

“I’m passionate about sports, I like the concept of working together and being part of something, of a team in which everyone is invalueable. My favorite sports are basketball and volleyball.”

Determination, elegance and style make Nulite the perfect chair to meet the needs of a curated and refined personality like Jiho Lee.


Charmingly at ease, Nulite is a celebration of good taste. With a decidedly elegant character, the chair accents any space with an airy and decisive flavor. Complete with a multiblock mechanism, the chair offers multifunctional performance and high design that answer to the needs of the most ambitious and design-oriented professionals.


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