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Francesca Zacchetti

Unconventional beekeeper

Working together in the name of quality, just like bees teach us

Companies that take pride in their craftsmanship are never lacking in values like hard work, organization and a sense of teamwork. The same principles that rule the beehive.

I was still a little girl and didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future when a chance encounter made everything clear: those tireless little insects captured my attention and I decided to learn to listen to the bees”.

Francesca Zacchetti is a beekeeper. Pursuing bees has allowed her to get to know their many facets while travelling, exploring and getting to know different cultures. These little creatures have also taught her a lot about the planet we inhabit and the need to safeguard it.

I had no idea that our bees, through their suffering, could tell us so much about how muchour environment is deteriorating”.

We must listen in silence. Feel the soft embrace of ITALIA, a chair that is a testament to the detail we put into our work and our search for the finest, most sustainable materials as we create cutting-edge products with a unique design. Because quality can only be produced by those who respect nature.


Sinuous allure in creative silence. Italia is the story of linear determination and a welcoming embrace for refined, minimalist offices. Available in three different versions, Italia cocoons the body with its curves while visible seams lend a sense of personality, stability and comfort to daily life.


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