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After having seated the world leaders at the Biarritz Summit in 2019, we return to the G7 table with our iconic executive chairs.


Luxy designed the chairs, on which the Leaders of the world's seven largest economies sat during the 50th G7 Summit, which was held by the Italian Presidency in a prestigious location in Puglia.

For Luxy it is an extraordinary confirmation, pride and great recognition to return again at the G7 table after the Biarritz experience in 2019.

Gest of honor this year was the Holy Father who sat in a special version of our Italia seat..


The Place for Ideas

This year the seats proposed for the Summit are the Italia and Nulite executive chairs in a total white outfit.

You need to get comfortable to discuss important issues, and again this year we can confirm the outstanding quality of our seating.

"The choice of Luxy armchairs for the Italian presidency of the G7, which also had the honor of having the Holy Father," comments Luxy president Giuseppe Cornetto Bourlot, "is for us a source of pride and highlights, once again, the success of design and quality production typical of the best Made in Italy, of which Luxy is a spokesman and example. Combining ergonomics, design and extraordinary production quality, Luxy is today a Brand established not only in Italy but also in more than 40 countries around the world where it exports more than 60 percent of its production."


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